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London, United Kingdom

About Me

Hi. I’m Natasha. Born in the UK, from a multi-cultural family – I’m a British-Norwegian-Zambian-Zimbabwean travel enthusiast.”

Travelling helps me unearth the desire to connect.

Connecting and creating through the versatility of language and the poetry of living excites me. I love to explore ways of seeing the world and ourselves differently through the eyes of others and their respective cultures. Seeing and breathing the interconnectivity of the universe is exhilarating. I believe a driving force in life is to feel close to loved ones, to everyone and everything, through special moments and small but significant discoveries.

Let's connect and be present together, through the laughter and joy of sharing stories.

My Trip Stories

Wander and gaze into the heart of London and, slowly but surely, the city will open up to you. As you and your loved one explore this happy-go-lucky city, mindsets bloom echoing the sensational process of falling in love.


Best For

Get a multifaceted experience while in Dubai with your 'girl-power group'. Embark on the euphoria of the city: experience high, celebratory action, but return to ease and comfort: the best of both worlds!


Best For