GPS is Passé, In-Car WiFi is In!


GPS is Passé, In-Car WiFi is In!

Mar 03, 2023

Data connectivity

So you land at an airport in Dubai – all excited to rent a car to barrel down at 120kmph down the city highway. So many awesome choices to select from, the Audi’s the BMWs, but whats this - an old school GPS?!

How does this thing even work!?! When did I use it last, don’t we use Google Maps always now? You are driving in a new country where you need to focus more on the road and not learning how an old-school GPS works. Why should you change your consumption behavior?

Have you ever been driving around in a car and wish you had an internet connection? Maybe it was to find the nearest gas station, the famous local restaurant, surf the internet while you relax in the passenger seat (and yes surfing only when you are not driving – safety first!)

And that’s not all, alike's Pocket WiFi is more mobile than your rental car. It goes with you wherever you go, so stop paying for that shared, expensive, and slow WiFi service in the hotel, in the mall when you could be just using your personal password-secured mobile WiFi hotspot.

Why should we have to ration your internet usage on an international trip? Why should, we have to rush to switch-off our mobile roaming.