Is Renting A Pocket WiFi A Good Idea?


Is Renting A Pocket WiFi A Good Idea?

Jan 06, 2023

Data connectivity

What are your specific needs as a new-age Digital Traveler? – Continuous internet connectivity and access to high-speed and secure WiFi? If there is ever a time you need to be connected is when you are in a new country to find your way, learning more about that tourist attraction, the nearest pharmacy, the local’s favorite sea-food joint, sending pictures back to your friends back home.. the list is long.

That Canada has declared high-speed internet access is essential for a good quality of life accurately captures the requirements of the digital consumers.

Indeed cities of the world are championing the cause with Free WiFi hotspots around, but is it really free? Perhaps not, if you believe time is money. The Free WiFi hotspots offer slower access speed, limited-time access (most of the cases limited to 30-minute sessions), are shared by so many people, the security of the connection (these are all open connections), and the convenience aspect. Not sure if this is how you plan to spend your holiday waiting for that photo to upload, or that message to download!

So what now? What do I do, I can't stay without data...?

Introducing alike, your connectivity buddy in UAE. alike makes it easy for you to rent a Pocket WiFi. with different packages for differing customer needs. And what makes it better – one device can solve the whole family's connectivity needs. One device can connect up to 8-10 people (share it to lower it!).

Be that for your navigation needs while driving in the highway or for finding that food joint on Zomato or just looking for what's happening in the city – to simple laid-back browsing, we have a package for all your needs. Our packages start from as low as $4.75/day – so there is something for everybody.

No two tourists are the same and we understand that. Our packages not only allow customization for the number of days, but also for the volume of data – so you only pay for what you think you will need. Oh and did we tell you, we will deliver to you at your hotel, at the car rental agency to deliver your PocketWiFi, making it more convenient for you. After all who likes to stand in line after a long flight to collect their SIM.