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How does a MiFi/Pocket WiFi/Hotspot work?

Apr 23 2023

Data Connectivity

Traveling somewhere- Tickets – check, passport – check, hotel booking – will figure it out, places to visit – will figure it out, things to buy – will figure out, data connectivity– Oh No! Cancel travel!

That’s the world we are in; staying connected is second nature for most of us now. That you are online and reading this, just goes to show a lot of what we learn these days, happens online, and not with an Encyclopedia (I am sure some of you are googling that right now!)

Staying connected while traveling is in fact more crucial than when you are home. You are traveling either for a vacation or business, and neither should require you to search for public WiFi hotspots because you want to catch up on your Facebook, Whatsapp or driving around the city using an old school GPS device instead of Google Maps, or even selecting a restaurant without reading about it first.

While traveling, you have a few choices to select from as regards how to get your data fix, with each option catering to a specific use case – but the one concern which is common for all traveling - is knowing which data plan suits my needs the best.

To be fair you require a fair bit of In fairness this requires a bit of technical knowledge in terms of data bytes but also you must take into consideration a number of factors that will affect your decision in choosing the right solution.

One of the options and perhaps the most economical option is renting a PocketWiFi.– it is like the router in your house but so small that it easily nestles in a ladies handbag or even your jeans pocket.

PocketWiFi’s are typically offered as a rental, complete with a local SIM, and preloaded data.

With flexible data plans plus the number of days/ the data available all are customizable to suit your travel requirements.

With alike, tourists can take advantage of the Pocket WiFi offerings. alike allows guests to use their home country-enabled devices, without the hassle of incurring expensive roaming and data charges.