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My Dubai Trip Would’ve Been a Disaster – Here’s How a Travel eSIM Saved the Day

Aug 18 2023

Travel eSIM
Dubai Trip

It was a perfect Friday morning. Like always, I had booked the window seat but this time, it was more special. I was finally going to my first international destination - Dubai!

I had been eagerly counting down the days of my Dubai trip for months. So, as the departure date finally arrived, I couldn't help but feel like a kid on Christmas morning.

My bags were packed, my camera was charged, and my passport was safely tucked away.

But little did I know that I was missing something that could ruin my entire trip.

On the flight, I was unaware of the imminent trouble. And why not? The view from the window was incredible.

The sky slowly turned from blue to a warm, golden hue and when I saw the land below, I couldn't blink.

Burj Khalifa stood tall, and the Palm Jumeirah jutted out into the water like a massive puzzle piece. And the sea was just beyond my imagination. It was turquoise just like I saw in the pictures.

The Beginning of a Nightmare

The plane touched down smoothly and I couldn't wait to get down. My fellow passengers' phones started ringing. Soon, there was a constant beeping with notifications and messages.

To my surprise, my phone remained silent.

"Strange…" I thought.

But without thinking why, I punched in my parents' number and waited for the familiar ringing tone. Instead, an eerie silence followed.

And then it hit me like a ton of bricks – I had forgotten to purchase a roaming plan!

The realization struck me with a sinking feeling. My phone was now a shiny, expensive brick that couldn't connect to any network.

Panic began to bubble up within me.

"What if I needed to call someone?"

"What if I got lost and couldn't use GPS to find my way back?"

"What if I missed out on important updates or changes in my travel plans?"

With all sorts of scary thoughts speeding through my brain, I walked slowly toward the exit.

That's when I saw a digital banner that literally felt like a saviour.

Travel eSIM to the Rescue!

I rushed towards it to find the staff ofthe Kitmytrip store by greeting me with a big smile.

I nervously shared about the tragedy that struck me. To which, the girl simply said, no need to worry. We got your back.

She asked me how long my trip is and what's my smartphone's model. I blurted out like a nervous kid. She then introduced me to the magic of technology - a travel eSIM.

And since I had an iPhone, I was eligible for its benefits. Yohoo!

I got so happy I could just hug her. Anyways, she then guided me through the data plans and prices.

By now, I was ready to spend diamonds to sort this issue but to my surprise and relief, the prices were so fair. They started at low prices but guess what, she offered me an Etisalat Visitor eSIM with 1GB of Data for FREE!

I said yes without a delay. She girl was so kind that she helped me activate the eSIM too.

So within minutes, I became the proud owner of a travel eSIM, seamlessly integrated into my phone. I could practically hear my device sigh with relief as it connected to the network.

The internet was at my fingertips once again!

The Afterstory with Alike

The rest of my trip went super smooth. I navigated through Dubai like a pro. With Google Maps in my hand, I discovered new spots and shared my experiences on Instagram. I decided that next time, I'll go on an international trip; Alike's travel eSIM is going to be the first thing I'll buy.

After all, they saved my day again two days later.

I had a small hiccup on the connection when I accidentally removed a setting. Cursing my luck, I reached out to their customer support. And since my previous experiences with customer support weren't all roses, I was again doubtful of what Alike could offer.

They surprised me again. Their team was not just knowledgeable but genuinely friendly. They guided me step by step until my issue was resolved.

Finally, my Dubai trip ended with fantastic memories and the coolest adventures. I would definitely revisit it. But not without taking Alike's travel SIM card again. Because of this tiny technology, my Dubai adventure went from a potential connectivity nightmare to an absolute dream.

You can save your trips, money, and time too. Just check out Alike's travel eSIM, and you can thank me later.

Keep travelling & stay connected!