48 Hours in Dreamy Udaipur


I have always been fascinated by Rajasthan and Udaipur in particular. It was one place to consider for a destination wedding and so I decided to drag my friends along, even though my wedding plans are far away..The city of romance, beauty, art, culture, tradition, entertainment and speechless moments, Udaipur has been an amazing destination wedding venue for artists, politicians, socialites, photographer and celebrities from across the world. It was quite the girl's trip! We were all excited to finally be able to take some time off and just enjoy each other's company without any other duties or worries!

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  • icon Boat Cruise & Dinner at Lake Pichola, Full-Day Sightseeing Tour of Udaipur
  • iconUdaipur Food Experience
  • Day 1 : Boat Cruise & Dinner at Lake Pichola, Full-Day Sightseeing Tour of Udaipur

    The plan was to explore Udaipur and see this famous wedding destination that has been trending on social media and maybe get some shopping done, such as textiles, Jaipur blue pottery and ethnic silver jewellery.

    We started our journey early in the morning and reached our first stop, the City Palace Museum, by noon. The palace was massive and beautiful and we spent a couple of hours exploring it. It was a perfect destination for having a dream wedding, but you would need a big budget to host the wedding there.

     We then took a boat ride on Lake Pichola, and on the way back, we stopped at Jagmandir Island. stopping at Jagmandir Island. The view from the boat was breathtaking and we even got to feed the ducks. After that, we took a cab to Sajjangarh Biological Park. The park was huge and we saw so many different kinds of animals and plants. We even got to see a peacock!

    We then made our way to Hanuman Ghat on the west bank of Lake Pichola. The Ghat was so beautiful and peaceful. We even saw a few monkeys playing around.

    We ended our day watching the sunset from Lake Pichola and then had dinner at Rainbow Restaurant nearby. We were so exhausted from all the walking that we just went back to our hotel and crashed. It was a perfect first day.

    Activities Included

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    Day 2 : Udaipur Food Experience

    It was our second day in Udaipur and we were determined to make the most of it. But as we were tired from our trip yesterday, we stayed back in the hotel in the morning and went out at lunchtime. We started our day with a delicious lunch of authentic Rajasthani cuisine at Krishna Dal Bati Restro in the Gulab Bagh area.

    After lunch, we went shopping along city palace road and Hathipole market. We bought some beautiful Rajasthani handicrafts and jewellery. Then we wandered through Bagore ki Haveli at Gangaur Ghat and Agore ki Haveli to purchase tickets for the evening Dharohar folk dance show.

    For dinner, we had Rajasthani specialities like laal maas, gatte ki sabzi and bajre ki roti. We were really full but we didn't want to miss the dance show.

    The Dharohar folk dance show was a spectacular display of Rajasthani culture and heritage. The dancers were so graceful and the music was so hypnotic. We thoroughly enjoyed the show and it was a perfect end to our Udaipur trip.

    Every place I went, I always got lost in thoughts and planning of my dream wedding. The Fort of Kumbhalgarh that offers the most beautiful sky views is also a must see while at Udaipur.

    The beauty, the palaces, the culture and history, you mention it and everything is here. And it is for sure, I am going to have my wedding here, of course when I will find a groom, which is going to be a difficult task! Haha!

    Activities Included

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