4 Day Family Trip to Abu Dhabi


When my husband and I booked our family trip to Abu Dhabi, we were excited for the adventures ahead of us. Our 14-year-old son and 13-year-old daughter weren’t quite as excited, but all that changed as soon as we dove into our itinerary. If you have sulky teens along for the ride, you will soon catch them smiling and breaking away from the typical teenage vibe. Our 4-day family trip to Abu Dhabi went like this…




Trip highlights

  • iconWarner Bros World
  • iconFerrari World and a Little Shopping
  • iconSheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and Desert Safari
    • iconBeach Day at Saadiyat Beach

    Day 1 : Warner Bros World

    There is so much to see in Abu Dhabi, but the husband and I were in firm agreement that if we took the kids to do something they’d like, they wouldn’t complain the rest of the trip. That’s a pro tip I’d like to offer to all parents, for it truly worked.<br> <br> Warner Bros World is an indoor theme park so you won’t have to hear any objections about the weather no matter when you go. Once inside, we were in absolute awe! It took us away, surrounding us with our favorite characters.<br> <br> My husband and I watched in absolute amusement as our teens got swept up in the magic, just like when they were little.<br> <br> I must admit, it was hard for us all not to be swept away. The park has 6 sections each with a different theme. There are over 28 thrilling rides plus live shows at almost every turn. We saw the Flintstones, Scooby-Doo, Bugs Bunny, and other famous characters. The kids were a little less excited about that, but when we arrived at Metropolis and Superman was there, that changed everything. <br> <br> The Batman Knight Flight ride was a favorite for all 4 of us. The kids wouldn’t stop chattering about it, and we wound up right back in line to do it again. It was an absolute blast!<br> <br> But if your kids are a little too small for that, there are plenty of other attractions like the Scooby-Doo Museum of Mysteries or the Acme Factory.<br> <br> We spent the whole day enjoying this indoor theme park, and while we had plenty to snack on, we needed a dinner where we could just sit and dine. We headed to The Starlight for steaks set in the 1930s golden age of Art Deco. The cheesecake for dessert was pure heaven!

    Activities Included


    Day 2 : Ferrari World and a Little Shopping

    Because we have teens, and my husband is a bit of a gear-head, we decided the second day of our Abu Dhabi itinerary had to include Ferrari World.<br> <br> Don’t get me wrong…I love shiny cars and all. However, I was merely going along for the ride here, pun intended. Like my teenage children though, my preconceived notions of Ferrari World would soon change when we arrived.<br> <br> It’s on Yas Island and has 20 different rides. Before you roll your eyes as hard as my kids outside Warner Bros though, these rides are not found anywhere else.<br> <br> For starters, my mood immediately changed when we walked up to the Formula Rossa. It’s the fastest roller-coaster in the world, going 240km/hour in just seconds! We wound up going again later, but not before going to the other rides.<br> <br> It was so much fun and even though I was heading into it thinking our whole 4-day itinerary was filled with things for the kids, I was pleasantly surprised. We spent most of the day here, then did some shopping and browsing before heading back to our hotel.

    Activities Included


    Day 3 : Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and Desert Safari

    For our 3rd day, the kids didn’t even complain about doing some more cultural stuff. How could anyone complain when they lay eyes upon Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque? This place is astonishingly beautiful with marble pillars touched with gold leading the way to the prayer hall.<br> <br> Inside, it’s purely magnificent, home to massive crystal chandeliers and what we were told was the largest Iranian carpet anywhere on the planet. In addition to being one of the most stunning places we’ve ever laid our eyes on both inside and out, it was a welcoming place for everyone. You could feel it exude an aura of peace and serenity.<br> <br> Later that afternoon, we embarked on a new adventure with the Desert Safari. We wanted to do something we couldn’t do anywhere else, and this didn’t disappoint. We all felt the thrill and excitement here.<br> <br> It stops at a camel farm first, where we had the chance to see one of the most marvelous sunsets full of an array of mesmerizing colors. Then we arrived at the campsite where we could ride camels if we wanted. My teens were a bit apprehensive about that so my son and husband went sand boarding while my daughter and I got henna designs.<br> <br> Then there was an incredible selection of food at the buffet dinner. We all love meat, but it was nice to see vegetarian options there for anyone that wanted them. A belly dancing show added to the fun for the evening. After eating too much and all that fun, we all fell right asleep once we got back to the hotel. It was one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences I’m happy we added to our itinerary.


    Day 4 : Beach Day at Saadiyat Beach

    For our last day in Abu Dhabi, we wanted to enjoy a taste of the beach life. We’d been told Saadiyat Beach was one of the best beaches in the UAE and after numerous recommendations, decided that would be the place for us.<br> <br> Once we arrived, the immaculate white sands welcomed us to the plentiful shore. We could see some people doing yoga on one end while on the other, there were windsurfing and sailing lessons. The kids took off running toward the watersports area so we followed along. It really is much harder than it looks, but so much fun!<br> <br> After trying windsurfing out, we stayed on dry land to wander the beautiful area. The dunes and natural environment are protected, which meant we could see the native wildlife thriving, including the endangered Hawksbill turtles. None of us spoke as we watched them move slowly on the sands. We’ve never seen anything so amazing!<br> <br> Our 4-day family trip to Abu Dhabi was simply amazing. We found activities the whole family loved and it brought us all closer together trying out new things in this gorgeous and exciting place!

    Activities Included



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