• Why Should I Be Excited By Alike?

    Alike came alive because we want to incubate and create a fair and profitable eco-system for Travel Content Creators, Influencers and anyone who has the desire to create and share travel experiences.

    In today’s travel industry, we discovered that only a small segment of Travel Creators get rewarded for the content they create (either through sponsorships, brand endorsements, or through ad revenue.

    There are millions of us who are passionate about travel and love to share our stories but don’t have enough of a following to be called an “influencer” nor do we understand or want to work with tech. Alike aims to give a voice to every traveler and let the magic of travel multiply.

    Every one is inspired by travel - whether you are “a mega influencer on a sponsored trip to exotic places” or a Mr. Bhatnagar who lives in a Tier 2 city. Travel brings people together and we believe that EVERYONE deserves to be rewarded.

    Alike is the place for EVERY travel creators to share their content in an exciting and seamless manner. Every story can be a source of revenue for a creator and each time their content inspires a booking, they will make money. Social commerce at its best is where you start earning if your content is appreciated.
    Alike’s mission is to enable every Creator to earn accolades and to monetise their travel - be it from one trip or a thousand!

  • What Makes Alike Different from Other Travel Tech?
  • As a traveler, why should I be on Alike?
  • What/ Who is an Alike Insider?
  • Who uses Alike?
  • How can I become an Alike Insider?
  • What is the Studio?
  • How will I know when somebody books any of my trip stories?
  • I am not a “techie” - can I still work with Alike and create stories?
  • I have uploaded my trip story but don’t see it?
  • How can I share my trip stories?
  • How will I be paid?
  • How can I use my money?
  • Is there a limit on how much I can earn?
  • How do I make a booking?
  • Do I need to register in order to make a purchase?
  • Once I have booked, is my reservation confirmed?
  • After making a booking, how long should I wait to receive my tickets / voucher?
  • What is the difference between an open dated ticket, one day ticket and a reservation ticket?
  • Why do I need to choose an entry time?
  • Do you offer tours and activities in my travel destination?
  • Can I book an hotel, flight tickets or a car rental through you?
  • Can I make changes to my booking?
  • How do I cancel my booking?
  • Which currency does Alike accept?
  • How can i see how much it will cost?
  • Is my payment secured?
  • What type of payment options do you accept?
  • When am I charged for the booking?
  • I booked an activity but I haven't received my tickets or voucher. What do I do?
  • What happens if I lose my voucher or delete my payment confirmation?
  • What should I do if i have a problem after my purchase or during a tour?
  • I forgot to print out my voucher, can i use my smartphone instead?
  • What do I do if I arrive late for my tour?
  • I can't find a specific product, can you help me?
  • What do I do with my voucher?
  • What is Dubai Touristor?
  • How can I get Dubai Touristor?
  • Is there any validity of using Dubai Touristor?
  • How can I redeem the attraction tickets in my Dubai Touristor pack?
  • How can I redeem the SIM card and Dubai Metro Pass in my Dubai Touristor?
  • What is the validity in redeeming the Dubai Touristor pack?
  • Can I get a refund for those unredeemed offers in my Dubai Touristor Pass?
  • Can I purchase Dubai Touristor for someone else?

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