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Since very long my friends were planning their trip to Dubai. Traveling to Dubai is a little different than other travel destinations. Here you can visit the tallest building in the world, fly over the city in a helicopter, surf the sand dunes, or dive in an aquarium located in a mall. So your time in Dubai will be determined more by activities and excursions than by strolling through the city.

5 days

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A birthday along the Old Dubai charm

Confused on what to do for your birthday in Dubai? If you are a heritage lover then here is an idea for your birthday in Dubai. Dubai is my constant reminder of how with effort and hard work you can achieve anything. Yes, I do miss home but I am glad to have found a friend in my roommate who is as inspired by Dubai’s charm as I am. Since Ruby and I share this common love for Dubai, especially the charming old Dubai, we set out on at least weekend trips almost every month. Staycations, café hopping, shopping- you name an activity and we are on it on our weekends. On my birthday, for the first time, I could not go back home. As I was a little down, Ruby decided to take me on a never-before tour of Dubai on my special day. No hints, no points for guesses, it would be a surprise Saturday for me.

1 days

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