A winter to cherish!


Winter being the perfect time to walk around in Dubai, we had a long day walking around the downtown of Dubai hopping on the city bus and much more..

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Trip highlights

  • iconHop On & Hop Off to Find Your Groove in Dubai. (CITY BUS)
  • iconBussing About!
  • iconAll Christmassy!- A walk along the downtown
  • Day 1 : Hop On & Hop Off to Find Your Groove in Dubai. (CITY BUS)

    In a new city, how does one decide what to do? Of course, there are myriad travel guides and online sites that give you lists of “must dos” and are easy to follow. Here I will share a few hacks that have helped me navigate the paradox of choice that every place offers. I’m not the kind of person who rushes through every attraction in every city. The most meaningful experiences I’ve had is when I get lost and find magic away from the “touristy” lists. Dubai is a sprawling city with so many things to do that the best way to plan your trip is to try the Discover and Explore Method. If you’re still tired from your journey, all you have to do is spend half a day in these open top buses and cruise through the attractions and make a list of what you want to revisit. The tours travel in a loop, so you can always go back and forth and spend as much time as you want and the flexibility of owning your time is unbeatable. So, head to the open top buses with extremely knowledgeable guides (who usually speak about 8-10 languages) and let Dubai grow on you. From luxury malls to outdoor souks, from ice rinks to zip lining and skydiving, from traditional architecture to modern sculpture - you will get to see it all and then you can explore whatever floats your boat. In addition to the buses, you can also experience the waterways, canals, trams and the local “abra” rides. Why stick to the road when you have so many modes of transport? On the day you arrive at Dubai - look for the Hop On, Hop Off Buses. The Big Bus or City Sightseeing. Whatever the weather, these buses show you the best of the city in the shortest possible time and you’re bound to exchange stories with fellow travelers which is one of my favorite things to do while I travel. We took the big bus for a nice relaxing ride this weather and later decided to have a walk along the downtown as it was Christmas and there was indeed a lot to see along the downtown and click some great pictures, offcourse!

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