5 days Dubai tour


A much wanted break with family. We planned our trip for 4 days in Dubai and one day in Abudhabi, the capital city. All the activities are kids and family freindly so if you want to have fun activities with family, here is an itinerary for it.

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Trip highlights

  • iconDubai Mall Aquarium + Burj Khalifa Tour
  • icon Half day city tour and desert safari
  • iconOne day three parks at Abu Dhabi
    • iconMuseum of the future
  • icon Miracle Garden & Global village tour
  • Day 1 : Dubai Mall Aquarium + Burj Khalifa

    Like everyone, this was the first thing we wanted to do once we are in Dubai. We bought a combo ticket for the 124+ 125th floor of the Burj Kalifa and the Dubai Mall Aquarium along with our SIM cards and NOL cards for metro. It included vist to the aquarium and under waterzoo which the kids loved and the same day evening we had our slots booked for At the top-Burj Khalifa as its in the same location saved a lot of time for us. There was a lot of food options available for shopping and to dine in at the Dubai mall so we dint have to go outside the location for anything. If you have more time with you then you can also visit the VR park, another fun filled activity for the kids.


    Day 2 : Half day city tour and desert safari

    We took a half-day city tour in the morning, it was so easy as it included a private pickup/drop off as well.  Later in the day, we went for the  desert safari (inclusive of camel ride, buggy ride, falcon photographs, and then a tandura show and belly dancing followed by dinner, and then we were delivered back to our hotel about 9:00 p.m.


    Day 3 : One day three parks at Abu Dhabi

    We headed to Abu Dhabi and purchased one-day three-park passes to visit Ferrar World and Warner Brothers Studios and Yas water world. Formula Rossa, Flying Aces, Scuderia Challenge, The Flintstones Bedrock River Adventure, Tom and Jerry: Swiss Cheese Spin, and many more were among the rides we experienced.


    Day 4 : Museum of the future

    After the long day (3), we decided to rest a bit in the morning and later the day we had our reservations done for museum of the future. It takes a good 2-3 hours to enjoy the massive look into the future. Definetely worth all that hype and the architechture is just outstanding.

    While we were there we saw a lot of people try to walking and get their tickets but as its a peak season they had no slots, so go for a pre booking always.


    Day 5 : Miracle Garden & Global village tour

    On our last day in Dubai, we wanted to visit the most exceptional and the worlds largest flower garden. We all were so excited to see how beutifully it was done and the plants are designed. It is designed for an approximate of 4 hours but you can spend a whole day if you wish to.

    Later the day we visited the global village which is an approximate 15 mins drive from miracle garden. Each pavilion represents the regional ambience of the country through local arts and crafts, cultural entertainment, national foods and much more. It is m or elike a world tour in a night.

    Activities Included



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