Chilling in Dubai


Even if you want to have a chill time in Dubai, the attractions make your trip thrilling. We decided to head to just a few of the top spots and spend our time rather than roaming all of the city like headless chickens. We spent a day at the Dubai Mall and an evening at the desert. The rest of the time was family time by the hotel pool!

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Trip highlights

  • iconA day by the Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa
  • iconOvernight Desert Safari
  • Day 1 : The Dubai Mall- Burj Khalifa & Evening desert safari

    One of the top attractions in Dubai is the Fountain Show in front of the Dubai Mall. The Dubai Fountain on Burj Khalifa Lake is the largest fountain in the world and the water dances here in an incredible choreography several times a day. However, there is one catch: during the show times it gets extremely crowded around the fountain and you don't see that much. But you can avoid the crowds by simply watching the show from the water. From the Abra, Dubai's traditional water taxi, you have an uninterrupted view of the Dubai Fountain and, on top of that, you have some of Dubai's most impressive buildings in the background, such as the Burj Khalifa. Climb the Burj Khalifa The tallest building in the world cannot be overlooked anyway and is well worth seeing both from below and from above. You can book different tickets for the Burj Khalifa. We recommend the single ticket, but definitely at sunset. There is an extra charge for this time of day, but it's worth it and definitely the best thing to do in Dubai. Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo - It's the world’s largest suspended aquarium, holding 10 million litres of seawater and 33000 varied species of marine life. An Evening in the Desert: The mesmerizing Desert Safari. Here, we relished an immersive, and by immersive, I mean a full sensorial bath in the wilderness. Before settling into the spa-sensational beauty of this dreamscape, we had to go on a dune ride first! We’re not old after all, we are forever young: wildcards, surfing heights, slopes and depths of the desert dunes by vehicle – that open road, do or die adventurers. Thankfully, I didn’t die, although it felt like it as I clung to my family feeling as if I was out of my body! We truly were in this together as after the ride, we settled into the entertainment on site and explored deeper versions of ourselves we never knew were there. Dancers mirroring the movement of gentle Arabian sandstorms sweeping into the rhythm, fired up after watching the live cultural show. The fantastically choreographed traditional belly dancers had us in awe, and poorly trying out the moves. Confession time: I may have pulled a muscle on a belly roll. We felt truly pampered as we sat by the BBQ, thankful for our beautiful fiery dishes by a stunningly mystical campsite. Our journey ended with gratitude. The desert is for the playful and also the brave. We felt like the coolest family in the world, styling our funkiest sunglasses as posed with shisha pipes between our fingers. We adored the desert. The tangerine, shimmering sand; the bold sunset in crimson bloom, whispering “Thank you, thank you, thank you to the magical desert of UAE!”



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