Valentine Break In Abu Dhabi (4-5 Days)


Whether you are newly wedded and looking for a honeymoon destination or need a valentine break to spice up your marriage after years of being together - Abu Dhabi will serve as a beacon of hope. The glamorous capital of the United Arab Emirates has got all that you need, from the colorful city life to the quiet and serene romantic restaurants. And of course, the biggest attraction being the endless, mighty desert that leaves you spellbound! So naturally, when my partner and I wanted a romantic getaway from our monotonous lives, Abu Dhabi became our first choice. Couples visiting Abu Dhabi will find that even a weeklong vacation feels too short at the end. When we were booking our flight tickets, we were so confused with how to make all the things we wanted to experience fit in our short trip. We wanted to experience the real Abu Dhabi, not leaving out any of the things that one simply must do on a couples’ trip to Abu Dhabi. Luckily, days before we left for our vacation, we found the itinerary created by Kit My Trip. Having included all the popular tourist destinations and then some, this itinerary helped give us an authentic Abu Dhabi experience during our five days and six nights in the city. Here is how our couples’ trip to Abu Dhabi went.

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Trip highlights

  • iconGetting to know the city and Enjoy the delicious hi-tea
  • iconThe Louvre Abu Dhabi and Our memorable evening at Yas Waterland
  • iconAfternoon at the Warner Bros and Our magical Arabian Nights in the desert
    • iconUp-close with animals and Adrenaline rush in Ferrari World
  • iconPicnic at Mangrove Park and Enthralling Sunset Cruise
  • Day 1 : Getting to know the city and enjoy the delicious hi-tea

    Getting to know the city

    According to our itinerary, we had reserved the first day in Abu Dhabi to get to know the city up close and personal. For this, we had booked a half day guided city tour with Kit My Trip. The tour took us around all the world-famous tourist attractions in Abu Dhabi, giving us a glimpse of its city life.

    By booking this tour, we were able to experience much of Abu Dhabi in a short period. We did not have to worry about arranging our own transport to go visit all the sites we wanted to see. In fact, given how high the cab fare in Abu Dhabi can go, I am pretty sure we saved up on a lot of cab money as well.

    Enjoying a delicious hi-tea in one of the most beautiful dining spaces around the world
    After our trip around Abu Dhabi, we felt our stomachs rumbling and decided to stop for some food. We asked our tour guide to suggest a place where we could get a scrumptious meal with a nice view, and he pointed us to the Jumeirah Hotel. And so, we headed to the Observation Deck at 300 for a hi tea that filled both our hearts and our stomachs..

    From the Observation Deck, we had a mesmerizing view of the whole city while we indulged in breadsticks and pasta. Even after we had finished our meal, my partner and I hung out there for quite a while taking in the beautiful city skyline before we finally made our way back to our hotel.

    Activities Included


    Day 2 : The Louvre Abu Dhabi and Our memorable evening at Yas Waterland

    The Louvre Abu Dhabi is the perfect date spot for art folks

    We started day two early with a trip to The Louvre at Abu Dhabi right after we had our complimentary breakfast at our hotel. Here, we were completely enchanted by the intriguing art pieces from around the world. This especially appealed to my partner, who is a much bigger art enthusiast than I am, though I was far from bored too.

    Our memorable evening at Yas Waterland

    After our lovely morning spent at The Louvre marveling over artwork from around the world, we had a quick falafel snack from a street vendor and decided to head over to Yas Waterland. The rest of our day was spent having fun between ginormous water slides and swimming in relaxing pools. We went around from zone to zone indulging in every activity that seemed exciting. Then we had a quick dinner from a small restaurant just outside the waterpark and headed back to our hotel.

    Activities Included


    Day 3 : Afternoon at the Warner Bros and Our magical Arabian Nights in the desert

    Transported back in time - an Afternoon at the Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi On day three, we decided to sleep in as we were feeling a little lazy after our evening at the waterpark. When we finally got out of bed, it was almost noon.

    The next place to visit on our list was the Warner Bros World at Abu Dhabi. Ah, the nostalgia that this place gave us! We had so much fun revisiting our childhood in this indoor theme park, taking selfies with our favorite cartoon characters and enjoying the exhilarating exhibitions there.

    Our magical Arabian Nights in the desert

    For our evening plans, we had signed up for an overnight safari in Abu Dhabi’s desert. This was perhaps the highlight of our entire couples’ trip to Abu Dhabi. We spent the night gazing at stars, riding very friendly camels, and going on thrilling roller coaster dune drives. By the end of our magical Arabian Night, we were completely knackered and slept long and hard.


    Day 4 : Up Close with animals and Adrenaline rush in Ferrari World

    Up close and personal with the animals at the Emirates Park Zoo

    We slept off our exhaustion and woke up late in the afternoon on day four. That day, we spent our time among nature. At the Emirates Park Zoo, we witnessed majestic animals such as white tigers, Siberian bears, and regal lions lurking about in their enclosures. The family friendly park is one of the greatest attractions of Abu Dhabi.

    Getting our adrenaline fix at Ferrari World

    On the evening of day four, we made our way to Yas Island to visit the popular Ferrari World. True to its reputation, the world’s largest indoor theme park had tons of exciting rides that had us screaming at the top of our lungs.

    After the electrifying roller coasters, go karts, and more such rides, we wanted to finish off the day with a nice meal. Fortunately, Ferrari World has a number of restaurants with cuisines from around the world to satisfy your tastebuds.

    Activities Included


    Day 5 : Picnic at Mangrove Park and Enthralling Sunset Cruise

    Our picnic in Abu Dhabi’s Mangrove Park had us truly fascinated

    For our last day at Abu Dhabi, we wanted to keep things intimate and romantic. The kayaking guided tour at Abu Dhabi’s Mangrove Park was exactly how we wanted to spend our morning. Kayaking through lush green trees and witnessing the interesting marine life, the entire experience connected us that much more to nature and to each other.

    No trip to Abu Dhabi is complete without an enthralling sunset cruise

    Finally, the last item to check on our things to do in Abu Dhabi was a perfect little love cruise in the Marina. The delightful boat ride with the waves swashing us to and fro had my partner and I feel like we were falling in love again for the very first time. Couple that with the tantalizing Abu Dhabi sunset, and ah! I could have spent another week there simply staring at the skyline with my partner next to me!



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