Anniversary Break In Dubai


A one day get away with my wife in downtown Dubai.

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Trip highlights

Day 1 : Anniversary at the tallest building!

And, now we are holding our hands to walk inside one of the world’s most fantastic malls in the bustling heart of Dubai. Happy anniversary to us, and I am glad we ended up spending some quality time doing some of the best Dubai mall activities. Now, I am grateful to spend the best possible version of our wedding anniversary with a fantastic Dubai mall experience. What’s more iconic about this mall? It’s adjacent to the majestic Burj Khalifa. So, remember, when you walk in here, your expectations should be as tall as that sky-kissing building. Since we are celebrating the joy of being together, we decided to take a few pictures to record the moments for our memory and then put away our phones to truly spend quality time together. This is the reason this itinerary will be more visual as we want to share these visual memories.



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