Birthday Celebrations with an Old World Charm in Dubai


Confused on what to do for your birthday in Dubai? If you are a heritage lover then here is an idea for your birthday in Dubai. Dubai is my constant reminder of how with effort and hard work you can achieve anything. Yes, I do miss home but I am glad to have found a friend in my roommate who is as inspired by Dubai’s charm as I am. Since Ruby and I share this common love for Dubai, especially the charming old Dubai, we set out on at least weekend trips almost every month. Staycations, café hopping, shopping- you name an activity and we are on it on our weekends. On my birthday, for the first time, I could not go back home. As I was a little down, Ruby decided to take me on a never-before tour of Dubai on my special day. No hints, no points for guesses, it would be a surprise Saturday for me.

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Trip highlights

  • iconCoffee and Emirati charm in a cuppa
  • iconOn an Abra to the souks
  • iconThe cherry on top- a Dhow Dinner Cruise experience
  • Day 1 : An evening through old Dubai.

    I love coffee and Ruby knows that so she told me that we’ll start our day with coffee. We reached the Starbucks at Dubai’s Al Seef and I was completely taken aback by how beautiful the interior was! Al Seef was indeed a place I always wanted to go to but we haven’t been there before. What a view of the creek! It was completely breathtakingly beautiful! I think it’s my love and fascination for old world things that I prefer travelling on abra boats. As soon as I board one, I start thinking about how these were used centuries back when men and materials were carried on these and how that age old transport system still continues in all its glory. The ride was quick, affordable and took us to the Deira Old Souk Abra Station. We walked to the spice souk and then visited the gold souk. I always wanted to visit the souks and I remember telling this to Ruby on our very first trips on the abra. The whiff of spices, the glitter of gold and most importantly the age-old style of trading- how much I love all of that! It was finally time for the only thing that I could guess right- Dhow Dinner Cruise. I have never gone on the dinner cruise before so I decided to spend one hour on the open-air upper deck to witness Dubai in it’s glorious night time and the remaining one hour in the air-conditioned lower deck, gorging on some more middle eastern delicacies.

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