A Musical Anniversary at the Dubai Mall


Planning a surprise anniversary gift? I will tell you exactly where you can go. My wife and I often talk about seeing the world together, and that’s what brought us closer. And, now we are holding our hands to walk inside one of the world’s most fantastic malls in the bustling heart of Dubai. Happy anniversary to us, and I am glad we ended up spending some quality time doing some of the best Dubai mall activities. Now, I am grateful to spend the best possible version of our wedding anniversary with a fantastic Dubai mall experience. What’s more iconic about this mall? It’s adjacent to the majestic Burj Khalifa. So, remember, when you walk in here, your expectations should be as tall as that sky-kissing building.

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Trip highlights

  • iconThe Amazing Aquatic Life Of The Dubai Mall Aquarium
  • iconA Foodie’s Heaven At Souk Al Bahar
  • iconMusic and Muse At Sadek Music Store
    • iconWatch Water Dance To The Many Tune Of The Musical Fountain
  • iconA Room With A View At Burj Khalifa with The Cafe Treat
  • Day 1 : Musical Anniversary

    10 AM - The Amazing Aquatic Life Of The Dubai Mall Aquarium: Marine life is the nearest yet alien, and we chose to start our day with the Aquarium. This aquarium will buy me time till I think of what's new in Dubai mall and something that will make our anniversary iconic. We are thrill seekers and decided to get straight to the point. So, we bought tickets for shark dives. We thought about how our parents would freak out if they knew about this. So, wearing protective gear, we dived in and saw the earth’s mightiest predators up close. The aquarium also has the most extensive collection of sand tiger sharks. Naturally, after some thrill-seeking, we wanted some food. So, we headed for the next stop. And a gift idea struck the chords of the brain. And I also had the perfect place in mind, too. 1 PM - A Foodie’s Haven At Souk Al Bahar : There’s a common link between travelers and foodies, and it’s often that both are mutually inclusive. And what helped us after bellying the shark experience was a cup of strong Arabic coffee and some lip-smacking Emirati meal At Siraj in Soul Al Bahar. While we ate, I Googled a greeting card shop in Dubai Mall to lead up to my big anniversary gift. My idea was to gift her a Ukelele at Burj Khalifa. After our heavy Emirati meal, we craved for a dessert. We headed to Baker and Spice after a fellow traveler excitedly told us how it’s the best place ever. 6 PM - Watch Water Dance To Its Tune At The Musical Fountain : Witnessing the Musical Fountain is amongst the necessary things to do in the mall of Emirates. The fountain is where the Burj Khalifa Lake is. The artificial lake is 30 acres in dimension. So, it’s enormous. The fountain show started after a while, and its choreography was something I had never witnessed before. We could never imagine that water could be choreographed so beautifully. 7:30 PM - A Room With A View At Burj Khalifa with The Cafe Treat: It was time to strike one thing off our travel bucket list as we stepped inside the Burj Khalifa. And I was waiting to give her the gift while being in awe of the panoramic view from the building’s 124th floor. I was too jittery inside the lift as I had to find the right moment for the gift. And once we stepped onto the floor, our jaws dropped; imagine being on the 124th floor of Burj khalifa with the observation deck overseeing the cityscape of Dubai. The panoramic view, the wind, and the majesty all felt surreal. I had to drag my attention back to the gift. So, I stood near the telescope while she was using it. And, once she was done, I just handed the uke over to her. And, I will never forget this moment, how beaming her smile was, with the entire city of Dubai in the backdrop, all seemed perfect. Our day was made.



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