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Planning for a bachelors trip? Then here are some ideas for you. Our boy's group has been part of each other's lives for almost twenty years .We have known each other since primary school. Love and sorrow were shared. And now the life of one of us would change completely. But with his wedding on the horizon, we decided to take one last epic trip: Dubai. A week in which we let the adrenaline flow through our body and make memories that will stay with us for the rest of our lives.

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Trip highlights

  • iconBurj Khalifa Tour
  • iconDesert Safari
  • iconAtlantis Aquaventure
    • iconFerrari World

    Day 1 : First Things First- Burj Khalifa

    Dubai tries to be the biggest, first or best in everything, as evidenced by their sight's records. All things you must see once in your life! And what better way to start our bachelor trip with a climb to the top of the world? We head our way to downtown Dubai, which is regarded as the center of the modern part of Dubai. A more exclusive viewing point has been created on the 148th floor under the name Burj Khalifa Sky. Since we were going all the way on this trip, we decided to go to the latter. And what a view it was. This is how it must feel to be on top of the world!


    • iconRetreat Palm Dubai

    Activities Included


    Day 2 : Bashing through the dunes.

    The moment you are in the city itself you will not always realize it, but Dubai is located in the desert. As far as we were concerned, a visit to the desert was high on our list. But what to do? Ride a camel? Ride a quad bike? Go sand surfing? No, as fast-car enthusiasts our eyes were set on a Desert Safari. We were picked up by a 4×4 car after which we drove to the desert of Dubai. This is where the dune bashing started The agile driver makes a sporty trip over the desert dunes where our group feels the necessary amount of adrenaline rushing through their bodies. It felt as if we were in a sandstorm.

    Activities Included


    Day 3 : Fun filled day at Atlantis Aquaventure

    During our week's boy´s trip in Dubai, we stayed in style. We had chosen The Retreat Palm Dubai, one of the many resorts on The Palm islands in Dubai, the artificial islands off the coast. The main reason we opted for this accommodation was the stunning panoramic views across the azure waters of the Arabian Gulf to the Burj Al Arab and Palm Jumeirah. With a little imagination, we could already see another highlight of our trip: the Atlantis Waterpark. Before our trip, there was a discussion in the group about whether to go to the Wild Wadi near Burj al Arab or Aquaventure near the Atlantis Resort. The coin toss fell on the side of the latter. And boy, were we lucky, because the waterpark really lived up to its name. The number of scream-inducing waterslides here is beyond everyone´s mind. We challenged each other to take on the Poseidon Revenge where you stand on a trapdoor slide waiting for it to open and let you plunge into a near-vertical fall. We´ve known each other for a very long time, but this was the best way to see who was really courageous and who was not. Our friend David, fortunately, got a second chance on the Leap of Faith. The replica of a Mayan Temple comes with a 20-meter-long drop in which you accelerate to high speeds. He was screaming his lungs out, that we can tell you, but at least he got the respect of the group back again.

    Activities Included


    Day 4 : Chasing the fast cars at Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

    As mentioned before, everyone in our group loves fast cars. So it was only a matter of time before we were going to Ferrari World. It is the world´s largest indoor theme park. One of the highlights is the world´s fastest starting rollercoaster, the Formula Rossa. Within 4 seconds you reach a speed of no less than 240 kilometers / hour. Also, the Flying Ace has a world record to its name. It is the steepest rollercoaster in the world. But if you think this was all the adrenaline we were going to get today, you were wrong. Fair to say during this bachelor trip, we did not only have adrenaline-boosting activities. There was quite some drinking as well. During the day, we often relaxed ad the Barasti Beach Club for some cool drinks .One of the most impressive clubs we´ve been to in our lives. Amazing vibes, great food, and the best music! Both evenings gave us a one-of-a-kind Middle Eastern experience. Surely this Dubai trip will be one that we will memorize forever.

    Activities Included



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