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When you are a retired woman in your fifties as I am, and have laid-back afternoons and enough time to go back to forgotten hobbies that you had at some point in time, travelling would definitely be one of the best things to do for you. My solo trip to Abu Dhabi has been one of the most beautifully relaxing travels that I have been to. Suppose you want to get away from your usual routine for a day and are visiting Abu Dhabi as a woman. In that case, there are things you cannot miss. From a breathtaking morning in the sand dunes to an adventurous time at the Emirates Park Zoo, here is a special itinerary for a one-day trip to Abu Dhabi.

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Trip highlights

  • iconGolden hours in desert- Sunrise desert safari
  • iconEmirates park zoo
  • Day 1 : Solo trip to Abu Dhabi

    I had started my day with the excitement of a breath taking post-sunrise sky followed by a spectacular dune drive on a desert safari. An experienced tour guide picked me up and drove me to the desert. For me, the most beautiful part was seeing the glimpse of the sun’s rays falling on every nook of the desert from atop a dune peak. Witness the desert’s miraculous change from a quiet, peaceful land to a brilliant, secret-filled land. When visiting Abu Dhabi as a woman, one of the biggest concerns on your mind could be, “is it safe for solo female travelers?” The UAE authorities have enhanced their security structure to make Abu Dhabi safe for females. There are strict laws, regular police patrols, and even cameras on almost every other street. Start early in the morning, before or right after sunrise, with a pickup from where you are. Meet your guide and board a climate-controlled 4x4, which would be private – a luxurious Land Cruiser — for your desert adventure. I was lucky to find a guide who told me all sorts of intriguing things about the desert and its natural history as I gazed at the darkening landscapes. After a time, we came to a halt at a vantage position to watch the breathtaking view of the sun’s glow across the vast desert. What a sight indeed! After I had finished my safari ride in the desert, the cab dropped me off at the next location for my day trip, the Emirates Park Zoo. Although I had some food when I left for the trip, I was a little tired and hungry after almost three hours in the desert and all the travel. It was a beautiful experience to have an Arabian breakfast platter at the Giraffe Cafe while being surrounded by giraffes! I also got some photographs clicked at the cafe by an amazing photographer who works at the zoo. 12 PM - 6 PM: Emirates Park Zoo: Emirates Park Zoo would be nothing short of a hidden gem for animal lovers. It boasts the distinction of being one of Dubai’s first private zoos. A wide range of activities is provided here, including animal sighting sessions and a gaming section. On my Abu Dhabi solo travel, I was told to remember to bring comfortable shoes, an identification card, sunglasses, and a camera. I thought I could only see the animals that usually happen in zoos but no. There are some animals with which you can click pictures, pet them, and spend time with them. I think such an amazing experience like this is what makes this zoo so famous. The zoo is the ideal size, not too vast, and the animals are given enough space so that they do not feel caged. I got really excited when I got to know that we can feed animals. So I went to the entry gate again and got some leaves and animal feed, and it only cost me 5AED. Afterwards, I went to feed a giraffe, camel, zebra, and several other animals. Birds such as owls are also brought out for interaction or photo sessions with the children. I had a delicious lunch at Al Dar Garden. From Arabian to Italian and Seafood, you will find amazing dishes over here. The staff at Al Dar Garden were extremely polite, and I had one of the best meals in a long time. During my time at the zoo in the evening, among other things, there was an event with parrots, rose-breasted cockatoos, and blue golden macaws showcased playfully. Emirates Park Zoo, home to many species, is a great place to learn about Dubai’s nature. I watched animal performances in two different theatres while learning about their various habitats and ecosystems. There was also an African music show and a magic display that I got to attend.



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