Sister’s 16-hour Layover Tour in Dubai


Thinking of what to do on a long layover in Dubai? See what my sister did. My sister always wanted to visit Dubai and check it off her travel bucket list. But, she could not make it possible because of her hectic work schedule. Her Dubai trip plan was finally coming to terms. When she got off the plane, she called me up and told me all the places she is going to visit in the next 16 hours of her transit and I could feel the excitement in her voice. Fortunately, her flight landed early morning around 6:00 AM. So, she had the entire day to explore Dubai firsthand.

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Trip highlights

  • iconEnjoy the Land of Sand with A Desert Safari in Dubai
  • iconTime to see The Tallest Building in the world - Burj Khalifa
  • iconFall in love with Dubai Fountains
    • iconRed bus Dubai City Tour

    Day 1 : Dubai in 16 hours..

    The first thing she did after coming out of the airport is, got a subway for herself to munch during the ride to her first stop- Desert Safari: You cannot miss a desert safari with a great sunrise view. Besides that, there are a plethora of activities you can do. But, the activities she enjoyed most were the camel ride and skiing through the magnificent dunes. She gaped at the morning glory as the sunrise turned golden around her. It is the perfect photogenic spectacle that everyone should witness. 1:00 PM - Time to see The Tallest Building in the world - Burj Khalifa: Since she had less time, she did not want to miss out on the famous places to visit in Dubai. She feels, that without visiting Burj Khalifa, the Dubai tour isn’t complete. The next place she checked from her travel list was Burj Khalifa. This stunning building is the tallest in the world and has amazing architecture. The observation deck, i.e., the 148th floor of the building, delivers a spectacular view of the city. She clicked a picture of a panoramic view of the city and sent it to me right away. Yes, it was actually breathtaking. She lost her senses to an amazing landscape; Well, after seeing the picture, I guess anyone could lose their senses for some seconds. Her guilty pleasure has always been a cup of tea. She decided to have one in Atmosphere Grill & Lounge restaurant present in Burj Khalifa. While she was sipping her tea, she could see the city’s hustle-bustle and feel the positive aura around her. 3:00 PM - Fall in love with Dubai Fountains Her next stop was at At Burj Lake, right in front of Burj Khalifa. Here, you will find the largest choreographed fountains in the world. Every half an hour, this fountain dances to a different tune and displays a unique design. My sister’s pictures of the fountain made me believe in Dubai’s innovation and creative style. She said Burj Khalifa looks different altogether in these magical lights and melodies. She swears her Dubai trip plan would have been incomplete without taking a boat ride at the Dubai fountains. 4:00 PM - Red bus Dubai City Tour: Despite having a short time to explore Dubai like never before, this was the best way to end her Dubai travel journey. She booked a night tour that seems feasible as per her travel list and witnessed Burj Al Arab, Museum of the Future, Al Fahidi Fort, Heritage Village, Jumeriah Road Drive past, and Atlantis while it took her around the city. A city tour is a great option if you want to cover different places to visit in Dubai with your sister. It took my sister days to not talk about Dubai every minute. She loves travelling, and Dubai is ‘the destination’ for her, of which she cannot have enough ever. It was time to end her Dubai tour as her 16 hours layover in Dubai airport was about to end. Undoubtedly, she was tired, but if she had more hours, she would have explored more places in Dubai (I know my sister well). She booked a cab to the airport and was happy that her layover was well spent. Indeed, she experienced the much-needed adrenaline rush before her business meeting in Australia.



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