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Who does not want to visit a city that literally lives in the future? A land that was just a desert is now on every traveler's bucket list. And so it is on ours! Though it has been 6 months since we moved to UAE, we desperately wanted to visit Dubai. Whether you are travelling from across nations or want to spend a weekend getaway in Dubai, there are awe-inspiring places that you can visit here. My wife and I felt a family trip to Dubai was all we needed to make our vacation ecstatic. From shopping lists to fun sports activities for kids, this land of travel luxury has everything that we were looking for. So, we scrolled for weekend getaways near me on our phones and, we finally planned a perfect travel itinerary for us. Apart from visiting some famous places in Dubai, we thought of exploring the city like never before.

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Trip highlights

  • iconBe on Top of The World -Burj khalifa
  • iconRomancing the beauty of Dubai in luxurious Yachts
  • iconExplore The Longest Zipline in The World-Jebal Jais
  • Day 1 : Saturday with a twist.

    Be on Top of The World: Burj Khalifa We began the first day of our weekend trip at the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, gave us chills. Imagine a land covered with sand now has this magnificent architecture in the world. Not just that, the innovation and creativity blend of the building is impeccable. Any holiday destination from Dubai definitely has Burj Khalifa on the list. Outside this building, we witnessed a dancing fountain that twirls every half an hour to a different melody. We spent some time there viewing the beauty of Dubai from a height. And we think the hustle-bustle and architectures that speak for themselves are true treasures of Dubai. Romancing the beauty of Dubai in luxurious Yachts: The next destination on our list of getaway locations in Dubai was a boat ride in the Persian Gulf. The emirate of Dubai is one of the jewels of the UAE. It allows a traveler to admire the beauty of this city from a different lens. We also adored a smooth sail on fancy a yacht. What else could we have dreamt of - Sipping a glass of wine, eating the famous delicacies of Dubai, and enjoying the scenery around us.

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    Day 2 : Sunday Funday

    Explore The Longest Zipline in The World : Oh, wait! Our weekend trip had more! According to the Guinness Book of Record, Ras al Khaimah has the longest Zipline in the world and some amazing restaurants. Therefore, we planned our weekend getaway in Ras Al Khaimah because it has UAE’s highest restaurant to make our trip more adventurous. Apart from this, we explored the National Museum of Ras Al Khaimah, Ice Land Water Park, Hajar Mountains, Dhayah Fort, Khatt Springs, and other fascinating places.

    Activities Included



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