Snow Day-cation

Snow Day-cation

1 Day
Snow Day-cation

Can you ever think of snow in a desert? Well, not literally. But you can defenitely enjoy the snow in Mall of the Emirates, Dubai.


  • Skiing in the middle of the desert.

Day 1



Skiing in the middle of the desert

We were ready for snow, glorious snow! We did receive the fake kind, but boy was it worth it. Such a fun way to hang out with the boys - Skiing, snowboarding, bobsledding and tobogganing! Shakily trudging down a picturesque mountain-themed setting on skis, as we squeezed onto one another in uncontrollable laughter. What were we doing? Who cares! The wonderful slopes were ours, available to conquer once we let go of clutching onto the nearest solid divider.We relived our school days by laughing at pretty penguins and smooth-rolling in giant ‘Zorb balls!’ After taking many hilarious pictures, suited and booted in all the necessary winter garb the park provided: jackets, helmet and gloves to socks & boots, including our gloves and socks we were given as gifts! After the long snow experiencing we were hungry and went to grab some food. The mall has an amazingly huge food court with all types of cuisines included.

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai, nestled in the heart of the desert, is an indoor ski resort offering skiing and snowboarding for all levels. Escape the heat and glide down the snowy slopes, all while soaking in the unique experience of desert skiing. Don't forget to say hello to the real penguins for that extra dash of fun!